About Us

Dacy Marie bakery is located in Walla Walla, Washington.  We are a small family owned artisan bakery. We use unique recipes and the best ingredients to produce exciting flavors. You will take your taste buds on an incredible scrumptious journey!

Cynthia Anthony

Meet Cynthia Anthony,  

Since Cynthia was a little girl, this co-owner has had a fiery passion for baking and creating different things to share. She has always wanted to share her creations on a grand stage, similar to Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray.

To make her dream happen, she studied culinary arts at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy. As a result, Dacy Marie was co-founded in 2018. Family-owned and -operated, our small artisan bakery serves fresh, delicious baked treats to the greatest nation on earth.  Our artisan signature cookies are truly unrivaled and will leave you bliss.  

Disclaimer: Our products may contain a “pinch” of love.